John D. Swisher, PhD, spent most of his career teaching in a graduate program at Penn State that included school counseling, rehabilitation counseling and counseling psychology. He authored approximately seventy-five technical research articles and chapters and co-authored two books based on drug abuse research. He is a Professor Emeritus of Education.

Dr. Swisher, also a former science teacher, school and college counselor has always enjoyed teaching and writing because he likes people and learning. The idea for this book was born during a tour of Greece taken by the author focusing on ancient sites including Delphi. He began to wonder what happened to all the treasures that had been given to the Priests and Pythias at the sanctuary and this story evolved from there. While he acknowledges that popular movies like, National Treasure and The Da Vinci Code, are fun, he wanted to write a more realistic novel.

His research adds immense interest to his skillful story development. The characters in this book have normal strengths and weaknesses that play out in various ways as this mystery carefully unfolds.

Dr. Swisher lives with his wife near State College, PA. They have six children and love chasing their ten grandchildren.

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